Campsite with pool

Camping Santa Elena, Lloret de Mar, Costa Brava, in addition to being a few minutes from the beach, has a large and comfortable swimming pool, integrated into the natural environment of the Camping. You can choose spaces to sunbathe or cool off in the shade, as well as enjoy a special pool for the little ones. The bathing area has showers, a hammock area, lifeguards and surveillance, to make its use more comfortable and safe.

Imagine immersing yourself in an oasis of freshness and fun in the middle of nature. The large swimming pool at Camping Santa Elena is the perfect place to sunbathe, relax and enjoy in the company of your family, partner or friends.

First of all, our pool is large, spacious and surrounded by lush vegetation. The feeling of floating in its crystalline waters while the sun caresses your skin is simply unmatched. In addition, its design allows people of all ages to find their perfect space, from the youngest members of the family to adults or seniors looking for a haven of tranquility and an accessible bathroom.

Camping pool activities

Our pool is not just a place to swim, but also a center for entertainment and fun. Here at our campsite, we offer you a wide range of water activities that will make your stay even more entertaining.

Aquagym, water games, swimming courses, initiation to scuba diving…, etc… The staff at Camping Santa Elena, Lloret de Mar, Costa Brava, will help you choose the activities that best suit you.

Safety is our highest priority, so our team of lifeguards is always present to guarantee the peace of mind of all visitors. You can enjoy the pool with complete peace of mind, knowing that you are in expert hands and attentive to any eventuality.

An accessible and safe space

In addition, the swimming pool at Camping Santa Elena is the perfect place to socialize and meet other campers like you. You will meet people from different cultures and share experiences while enjoying the water and the sun.

Last but not least, the camping pool offers a refreshing break before or after your baths on the beaches of Lloret de Mar. It is a place where you can immerse yourself in a world of fun and relaxation.

So don’t think twice and join us in this oasis of happiness. I assure you that the experience in our pool will be an unforgettable moment on your trip!

Shower area

Life Guards


Children’s pool

Water games